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The use of concrete pavers on a roof, give the roof added functionality.

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Hydraulically pressed dense concrete pavers on paving support pads must not be less than 50mm thickness. As the pavers are heavy and the support pads concentrate the load it should be established with the insulation manufacturer that their product is suitable for the duty of supporting the load.

Walkways across gravel ballasted areas of roof should be formed from concrete pavers.

Where pavers are specified for use in ‘public’ areas greater measures will need to be taken to ensure they are levelled up correctly to avoid creating trip hazards.

When required, pavers can be bedded onto a dry mix, in order to obtain greater vandal resistance for example. Precautions will need to be taken to prevent the dry mix causing blockage of any roof outlets. This will take the form of providing stainless steel grilles around the outlets and wrapping them in a suitable filter layer. It should be noted that when solidly bedded any rainwater would wash across the top of the pavers rather than finding it’s way through the gaps as when using support pads. Access to the membrane will obviously be more difficult.

Other forms of hard surfacing can be used over Sika-Trocal if required, examples are interlocking pavers, stone flags etc.

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