Roof Garden Construction

Roof garden construction, or living roofs, has increased in the UK, as they not only provide visual enhancements to the building, but can also bring environmental and performance benefits also.

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Roof gardens are also possible with Sika Plan materials. Both the membrane sheets and the welded joints are resistant to root penetration (FLL test method). The detail below indicates a general build-up for this type of roof, the essential point being to protect all the membrane surfaces against physical damage.

Sika Plan Type SGmA will form an appropriate roof waterproofing membrane as a base for a roof garden build-up. The actual specification of the build-up of the roof garden itself above the waterproofing requires specialist knowledge and advice should be sort from appropriate suppliers and companies.

Key Points of a Roof Garden Construction

  • Improved acoustic and thermal performance
  • Protection for the waterproofing membrane
  • Rainwater retention reducing impact of local flooding
  • Traps airborne pollution and dust
  • Reduces urban heat island effect
  • Added value
  • Reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Provides higher humidity locally
  • Provides a habitat suitable for local birds and insects
  • Encourages biodiversity
  • Improved visual impact

The main types of living roof are listed below:

  • Extensive – lightweight, low cost, generally self-sustaining with low maintenance, naturalistic finish including sedum blankets, sedum
    plug plants.
  • Intensive – thicker substrates, load-bearing applications, requiring higher levels of maintenance, often amenity areas, can be complex,
    effectively roof top gardens including lawns, shrubs, trees etc.
  • Bio-Diverse/Brown – Encourage local biodiversity by using the roof space to create or replicate natural habitat for local flora and fauna.

Dead weight of the living roof systems, especially when wet is critical, suppliers can advise on this factor.

Intensive roofs, in some cases, can be expected to create some very heavy dead loads indeed.

There is a minimum weight requirement of 80kg/m2 to hold the Sika-Plan SGmA membrane and its protective layer in place against wind uplift forces. Therefore it is the dry weight of the garden build-up that would be critical and use of ‘lightweight’ systems less than this should be carefully considered. Whilst it is possible to mechanically fix the SGmA waterproofing membrane to mitigate the effects of a below minimum weight covering, each case where this is considered necessary must be referred to the Sika-Trocal Technical Department and the Green Roof Specialist for appraisal, before any design decisions are taken.

You can feel confident knowing that all work carried out by Eco Roofing Yorkshireis completed by Roof Assured by Sika, certified installers.

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